uliGo - download

The current version is 0.3.


On Windows systems, you have two choices: either you download the installer below which includes everything you need to run uliGo, or you install the Python interpreter separately (see the Python website), and then download the small zip file which contains the uliGo program itself. Probably the installer is the easier solution. On the other hand, if you want to use Python for other things too, you have to install it separately. In any case, please read the Getting started section in the tutorial.
  • Download installer (2.3MB).
    This is an installer with the complete uliGo program. All the installer does is copying the uliGo files to your hard disk and optionally install a shortcut in the start menu or an icon on the desktop; no harmful modifications to any system files will be done. An uninstall applet is also included.
    It comes under this license which essentially says that you may freely use and redistribute the package, but not modify it.
    Technically speaking, this version consists of a small Python interpreter and the uliGo files proper, all packaged into one exe file and several dll's. It was prepared with Thomas Heller's py2exe tool. The installer was created with InnoSetup by Jordan Russell.
  • uligo03-win.zip (340KB).
    Use this zip file if you have Python installed on your system.

Linux/Other platforms

To run uliGo, you need to have the Python programming language installed on your computer (version 2.0 or better). You can get it at the Python website. (See also the Tutorial.)