Uligo - a program to practice solving go problems

uliGo is a program to practice solving go problems. It comes with a few problems, and you can use it with classical go problems, or with problems of your own. In order to help you to learn to handle shapes instead of certain problems, uliGo randomly rotates and mirrors the board, and switches black and white. You can also use uliGo to replay (pro) games, and guess the next move. (You can guess either only black's or only white's moves, or both.)

BitBucket repository for uliGo

I have created a source code repository for uliGo on BitBucket, and already checked in a number of changes. As a starting point, I used Sergey Astanin's version which contains a translation to Russian.

Added on April 16, 2012, 7:18 p.m.
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