Teachers/Go schools

Online go schools and teaching

In-seong's Yunguseng Dojang

Hwang In-seong's Online Go School

Guo Juan's Go School

Catalin Taranu's Go School

Catalin Taranu 5o offers teaching game and game analysis via email.

Pavol Lisy's Go School

1 dan professional Go player of the European Go Federation, teaching on KGS

Commented Games by A. Dinerchtein

Currently (November 2016) more than 2500 commented games. Need to "pay" with go4go credits; see the page for details.

Alexander Dinershteyn

Go lessons by A.Dinershteyn, 3-dan professional

Cornel Burzo's Go lessons

Cornel gives lessons on IGS and KGS. He makes offline reviews and on his website there are his most recent games played at major tournaments. Cornel also gives classes over skype and to groups.

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