Software (misc.)

Computer programs for miscellaneous go-related purposes.

Sabaki SGF Editor

An elegant Go board and SGF editor for a more civilized age.

Open Source. Based on Electron. Github repo.

By Yichuan Shen.


Free and open source online SGF editor

GoRilla SGF Editor for Go

GoRilla is an SGF game viewer and editor.

Although primarily for Go it also supports other games: Othello/Reversi, Hex, Havannah, Unlur and Kropki.

The GoRilla program is freeware for Windows.

GoStyle Project

The goal of the project is to investigate computer analysis of databases of Go game (Baduk, Weichi) records using computer data-mining algorithms. Includes a web app to analyze a player's style from a collection of her/his games.


From the website: "jGoBoard is a pure HTML+CSS go board that can easily be manipulated via JavaScript. It’s designed to be lightweight and easy to use, and you can of course also use only the graphics in a standalone application.

jGoBoard is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 and it’s free to use for non-commercial purposes."


Patrice Fontaine's site with go problems and various resources about go software on the Mac (Classic and OS X).

Go GridMaster

An Android SGF reader and editor, also has a 9x9 playing engine and allows to install further engines which speak the GTP protocol.


This Perl module written by Chris Ball takes a photo of a go board (from a web cam, for instance) and transforms it into an SGF file.


Christoph Gerlach's pairing program for Go tournaments


An SGF editor and IGS/NNGS client, originally written by Bill Shubert, and now continued by a group of people as a Sourceforge project.

Go screensaver

This is an xscreensaver hack to replay sgf files under X in unix enviroment, written by Scott Draves, based on Bill Shubert's cgoban.


An IGS client and game viewer.

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