Go related news.

This site has go news and records of pro games. The games can be replayed with a JavaScript applet; single games can be downloaded in SGF format. Subscriptions to email delivery of game records, and to games with commentary are available.

Go News

Tracks the major pro tournaments, including links to sgf files

Revue fran├žaise de go

The journal of the French go association, including an archive of previous issues, a blog, and other resources around go in France


Jan van der Steen's site with go news, lots of game records, and other go-related stuff.

World Go

Go news from all around the world.

Euro Go TV

EuroGoTV was born in 2007 with the idea to provide modern coverage of the events and news of Go.

World championships. Go news and sensations, collected by Alexander Dinerchtein.

Go Sensations

Go news and sensations from a variety of go servers and other places.

Korean Baduk in photos

Funny photos of Korean masters. (The site is mostly in Russian.)

Go Game World

This is a site with go news, and game records. For members (20$/year), games with commentary by professionals are available.

Last entries seem to be from 2013 - not sure whether the site is still active.

GoAma newsletter

A go newsletter edited by Alexandre Dinerchtein and others.

(11 entries)



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