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World Go Club Map

A map of go clubs all over the world, based on Google Maps.

Myongji University - Department of Baduk Studies

Go Ratings

Rating of Go players, using the WHR algorithm, and data kindly provided by go4go.net. Updated daily.


The well-known comic strips by Andreas Fecke - go entertainment at its best. The website has translations into nine languages (among them Esperanto!).

Tiger's Mouth

The American Go Foundation's Youth Site

European Go Database

Data on tournament results, rating of European players, etc.

Igo and Weiqi from Ancient to Modern writing

On the Chinese and Japanese letters/kanji to write "go".

Kifu generator

Generates a kifu displayed in your browser from an SGF file.

Fan club of Lee Changho, 9p

Fan club of Lee Changho, 9p, one of the strongest professionals in the world

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