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Home pages of go players.

John Tromp

"Logical Rules", and a few links.

David Mechner

Includes an essay on how to get strong at go; well worth reading.

Franz-Josef Dickhut

German 6d. On his site he has information on teaching and study groups, a news section, and game records of some of his games.

YeeFan.sg - my weiqi pages

Arno Hollosi

Alexander Dinershteyn

Go lessons by A.Dinershteyn, 3-dan professional

Pok's go space

Notes on go in Austria

My Friday Night Files

Jan van Rongen's site features a huge collection of games of Cho Chikun, a smaller, but growing collection of games by Yamahita Keigo, and a practically complete list of the games in Hikaru No Go. Furthermore, there are several articles on go-related topics.

Denis Feldman's go home page

Among other things the page contains extensive remarks on go rule sets and strange positions. Really worth reading, if you are interested in these things. In French.

Artur Godlinski

Includes a report on self-building a goban.

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