Classical go problems

On this page you can find lots of classical go problems in SGF format. See below for detailed descriptions.


I am grateful to the Flygo website (look here for their collections of go problems) for the kind permission to use their files and to make the problems, with certain changes, available here.

I also would like to thank Jean-Pierre Vesinet for his help with the problems from Qi Jing Zhong Miao. He also sent me an SGF file with the problems and solutions of Hyun Hyun Ki Kyung which he compiled from free sources on the web.

Problems that can be used with uliGo

Problems from Qi Jing Zhong Miao

These are 85 out of several hundred problems in the Qi Jing Zhong Miao (Japanese: Gokyo Shumyo, Korean: Ki Kyung Joong Myo) collection. The problem diagrams without solutions are available as text files on the Flygo website. I added solutions and refutations of certain wrong answers to these problems, so that they can be used with uliGo.

The level of the problems varies, but I think that the problems should be useful for most kyu players, and maybe (for doing lots of easy problems fast) for low dan players.

Since I added the solutions to these problems myself, probably some errors crept in. Mainly, in some problems alternative correct solutions might be missing. If you find any mistake, please drop me a line at

See below for the other problems from the Qi Jing Zhong Miao collection in SGF format.

qjzm-a.sgf.gz (4KB), (4KB).

Hyun Hyun Ki Kyung

This is the Korean name of the collection called Gengen Gokyo in Japanese resp. Xuan Xuan Qi Jing in Chinese. It contains 347 problems with solutions. This file was compiled by Jean-Pierre Vesinet. These are great problems! Mostly dan level. (20KB), (20KB).

Guan Zi Pu

This collection consists of almost 1500 problems; its Japanese name is Kanzufu, in Korean it is called Gwan Ja Bo. I removed the Chinese comments from the respective files on the Flygo website and put all the single problems into three large SGF files (part 1,2,3). So in principle these problems can be used with uliGo. Be advised, though, that these problems are quite hard: you might have to use the 'show solution' button quite often. Furthermore, the SGF files contain only one correct solution; since towards the end of the solution, a change in the order of moves is often possible, it can happen that although you found a correct solution, it is not accepted by uliGo because it is not in the SGF file.

gzp1.sgf.gz (23KB), gzp2.sgf.gz (26KB), gzp3.sgf.gz (19KB). (23KB), (26KB), (20KB).

Other problems in SGF format

The following problems cannot be used with uliGo out of the box, since there are no solutions in the SGF files, or wrong answers are not marked as such. Nevertheless the problems are interesting, and you can study them with your favorite SGF editor.

I hope that I will find the time to add solutions to these problems at some time. Of course, if you are willing to add solutions to some of these problems, I would be glad to make the result available on this page.

Qi Jing Zhong Miao

These are the problems from the Qi Jing Zhong Miao collection. Most of the SGF files only contain the initial position of the problem, not the solution. They were created with a Python script from the qjzm?.txt files on the Flygo web page. I am very grateful to Jean-Pierre Vesinet who pointed out a few mistakes that occured during the automatic transcription, and who added comments like 'black to play', 'white to play' to all the problems.

qjzm.tar.gz (3KB), (17KB).


These are the problems from the Xuanlan (Japanese: Genran) collection. I deleted the Chinese comments from the SGF files on the Flygo site, and reorganized the variations (in the original files, all the variations start from the first move, so several variations have the same first moves).

xuanlan.tar.gz (5KB), (15KB).