Kombilo 0.8

After a long time, I can finally publish Kombilo 0.8 with a couple of improvements compared with the 0.7.* versions:

  • Install Kombilo via pip, the Python package manager. (Very easy on Linux (click the read more link); probably easy on Mac OS X; on Windows this will require a slightly larger effort)
  • Create SGF trees from an arbitrary starting position from your database. For instance, in this way you could make Fuseki or Joseki dictionaries.
  • Custom menus (as in Kombilo 0.5) to add short-cuts for pattern or game info searches which you use often.
  • Translation to German, and the framework to add other languages.
  • More fine-grained date profile information.
  • And many other small improvements...

I am working on a Windows installer and hope to add it within a couple of days ... (Update: Now available in version 0.8.1)


online, pdf

Installation on a current Ubuntu box is as easy as:

sudo apt install python-pip python-tk libboost-all-dev libsqlite3-dev
pip install kombilo

After successful installation, you can start the program as kombilo.