Kombilo 0.7.5

The new version has a few small bug fixes (thanks to everybody, in particular Bram Vandenbom, Gilles Arcas, Claude Brisson for pointing out bugs). Notably, the search for the empty board was broken in Kombilo 0.7.4 and now works again.

The source code is now hosted on Github, since I now have most of my projects there: Kombilo repository.

For this version, there is (so far) no Windows installer. Since I do not work with Windows and do not currently have access to a Windows machine, building a Windows installer is too much trouble for me at the moment. If somebody wants to have a go at this, I will be glad to give some hints (also see the file "fabfile.py" in the code repository). You will need a C++ compiler to build the C++ extension, a tool (such as py2exe) to package things together with Python into a stand-alone exe file, and a packaging tool such as InnoSetup to create an installer.