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uliGo is a program to practice solving go problems. It comes with a few problems, and you can use it with classical go problems, or with problems of your own. In order to help you to learn to handle shapes instead of certain problems, uliGo randomly rotates and mirrors the board, and switches black and white. You can also use uliGo to replay (pro) games, and guess the next move. (You can guess either only black's or only white's moves, or both.)

BitBucket repository for uliGo

I have created a source code repository for uliGo on BitBucket, and already checked in a number of changes. As a starting point, I used Sergey Astanin's version which contains a translation to Russian. I intend to make a few more smallish changes, and then to release a new version.

Posted by ug on April 16, 2012

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Kombilo & uliGo internationalization

Some time ago, Sergey Astanin patched uliGo to allow for adding translations to other languages easily, and provided a Russian translation. Now I also prepared Kombilo for internationalization, and I also set up a web site which makes it easy to add translations.

If you would like to see Kombilo or uliGo in your language, you are very welcome to join this effort and to provide translations. In this case, please

As you can see, I have already done most of the translation to German for Kombilo, and a little bit for an Esperanto translation. My aim is to provide at least a few translations in the next major version (0.8).

Posted by ug on April 16, 2012

Tags: Kombilo , uliGo .

uliGo localization

Sergey Astanin patched uliGo so as to allow easy translation into languages other than English, and provided a translation into Russian. You can get the source code from his mercurial repository.

Posted by ug on March 20, 2009

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Cho's encyclopedia of life and death

If you own Cho's Encyclopedia of Life and Death on disk, you can use the cho2sgf.py program to translate it into SGF format.

Posted by ug on September 1, 2006

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